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Use Your MSP as your MVP

While the Super Bowl always has a most valuable player (MVP), the team at Advanticom decided to generate a list of reasons why a managed service provider (MSP) can be the MVP for your organization.  These items represent ways that a strategic relationship with the right managed service provider can bring improved operations, increased efficiencies, and new competitive advantages to your business.  To see what your organization should look for when hiring an MSP, check out one of our earlier blog posts here.

As with any high-stakes game, it is essential for the team to play together to achieve the win.  The MVP is used as a key resource for strategy, maintaining momentum, and guaranteed deliverables.  They tend to serve as a voice for team members and as a liaison between different members of the staff.  A managed service provider carries these traits as well and should be considered a vital part of your team.  This top 10 list was generated by our experts to highlight the benefits of partnering with a managed service provider (MSP). 

  1. Predictable monthly recurring IT costs.
  2. 24x7x365 management and monitoring of your organization’s IT infrastructure.
  3. Management of daily IT needs to enable your internal IT staff time to focus on strategic IT initiatives.
  4. Improved infrastructure efficiency, reduced downtime, and increased employee productivity.
  5. Scalability for business growth by providing flexibility and more technical availability to match increased business demands.
  6. Reduced overhead and internal operational costs often associated with high turnover and unsuccessful hires within the IT Department.
  7. Execution of incident management and change management procedures implemented to reduce mistakes and rework.
  8. Ongoing analysis and application of best practices for infrastructure lifecycle capacity planning.
  9. Access to security-focused IT services leveraging security incident response team techniques.
  10. Access to vCIO & vCISO services that are delivered by an experienced technical account management team.

That list of benefits represents different categories of equal importance that you consider and evaluate when making business decisions.  They include:

  • Revenue potential
  • Operational efficiency
  • Optimization and adaptivity
  • Team capabilities
  • Workload capacity
  • Vulnerabilities and exposure

By selecting an MSP to be your MVP, you can check the box next to each of these business needs and immediately begin to see the benefits of the collaboration.  The peace of mind that comes with aligning with a partner that can deliver results will enable a renewed focus on the strategic initiatives and objectives for your organization.  Sharing plans, goals, and embracing the teamwork aspect will allow the relationship to be optimized and successful.  This transparency will enable everyone on the team to be dedicated and focused on the achievements of the business.

As the first managed service provider in Pittsburgh, Advanticom is a trusted technology partner dedicated to providing reliable support from our experts that are focused on saving you time and money.  If you are interested in discussing ways in which an MSP can integrate into your business, contact us today at or check out our website here

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