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Paving the way for unified technological and business advancement in your customized environment while achieving complete accessibility, improved system effectiveness, and
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Let the Advanticom cloud experts revolutionize your IT into a cloud environment tailored for efficient performance, one that opens the door for improved response and profitability, and improves the way your business operates and communicates. Over 25 years of enterprise-level experience combined with the dedication to superior customer service, delivers best in class cloud solutions customized for your unique needs and challenges. We look at your business as an extension of ours, leading our desire to get you the right solution, the first time.

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Cloud Design & Implementation

Bringing our specialized design process and careful due diligence, the team at Advanticom will develop a cloud infrastructure that enhances your current IT and leverages the benefits of the platform. We assess every IT component and get to know what makes you, your team, and your organization tick. That information, combined with our passion for technology, is the recipe for your customized cloud solution. Once designed, our experts will deliver a seamless implementation plan with limited interruptions to your organization to bring the solution full-circle. Similar to premised solutions, Advanticom uses tools based on scientific methods to calculate resource demand and build out the services so that our clients average approximately 30% savings. Our design optimization awareness engines monitor performance and will either rapidly scale or reduce resources to provide the benefits of both cost savings and scalability. Advanticom’s cloud team will apply unified methodology for cloud and premise solutions to ensure that the security benefits and manageability are the same regardless of the geography of resources.

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Deployment Options

Advanticom brings the experience and expertise to the table ensuring your business needs are met, your environment is stable and secure, and the scalability of your infrastructure is immediate. Leveraging the various deployment and computing options, we can effectively construct an adaptable and advanced solution that will evolve with your business. Our cloud team will recommend private, public, or hybrid cloud depending on the need for internal control, the availability of resources, and the level of desired efficiency that your business is looking for. Advanticom’s public cloud is a unique solution that provides advanced levels of security, redundancy and data protection similar to other public cloud offerings such as AWS, but costing you 20-30% less. Our private cloud offering is an option for customers who still desire a completely private infrastructure but also desire the reduced costs in an expanded capability of the cloud. It offers customers the option of deciding how much and on which systems they want to do the work while still having the ability to shift that work to Advanticom’s automated or lean manual process for systems administration, patch management, security, and performance optimization.

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Cloud Computing

Advanticom offers solutions that deliver numerous benefits to your organization including anywhere access, accelerated scalability, around the clock service and support, and increased security. After our review of your business and pain points, we will deploy the service offering that supports your IT department and business goals and that works to balance your expense costs with technology usage. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) allows us to host infrastructure components such as servers, storage, and networking hardware are hosted. Platform as a Service (PaaS) hands over hosting controls for hardware and software tools and generally includes operating systems, servers, databases and network equipment. Lastly, Software as a Service (SaaS) which provides access to all software applications over the Internet.

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Disaster Recovery

How resilient would your IT be in the face of a catastrophe? Having a proactive plan that incorporates policies, procedures, and tools to ensure your infrastructure is DR-ready is critical to business survival. Disaster recovery is rooted in proactive planning and preparing for the worst-case IT scenario. Your business needs a comprehensive strategy that provides the necessary steps to ensure continual operations and to minimize any potential loss during a breach, natural disaster, massive power failure, or other emergency. DR plans allow your business to get back up and running within a few hours, as opposed to days, weeks, or even worse, not at all. Advanticom’s solution is backed by the best practices of ISO 27001 IMS. We have written DR and BC plans for hundreds of companies over the last 25 years that perform to full expectations and consistently meet all requirements. We have performed root cause analysis for businesses that are disappointed in the current RTO RPO or completeness of restoration to analyze the failures and improve the plans to eliminate them.

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Microsoft Office Services

As a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner, Advanticom helps clients understand Microsoft software capabilities and to maximize the value of their Microsoft investments. Advanticom has resource pools available of levels 1 through practice manager and across each of the Microsoft specializations. Our team has earned this highest level of partner distinction for extensive knowledge and years of experience helping clients to achieve their business goals. Our clients use us a temporary or permanent basis to either assist with a certain aspect or full manage of their complete Microsoft infrastructure. We are experts at building and leveraging cloud and on-premises platforms like Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Power BI, Azure, .NET and SharePoint. We focus on providing our clients with business solutions that help team members work together efficiently through the use of modern document management, workflow, intranet & extranet, analytics & dashboards, sales collaboration, project management, and communication technologies. We provide limitless options to fully customize to your specific needs.

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