Cloud infrastructure management paves the way for unified technological and business advancement in your cloud environment while achieving complete accessibility, improved system effectiveness, and optimized flexibility.

Your cloud management provider will design specific cloud services for your business to enhance your current IT architecture while maintaining the importance of security and monitoring services. Cloud technology will take your business to the next level enabling options for added benefits including data center consolidation, virtualization, or remote access connectivity.

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Advanticom’s Cloud Infrastructure Services

Let the Advanticom cloud infrastructure experts revolutionize your IT into a cloud computing environment tailored for efficient performance, greater response, and increased profitability. By implementing a cloud infrastructure management solution, your business can provide remote access to storage and data resources for your users. Advanticom cloud infrastructure services are designed to support your business needs, manage the cost of the service, and achieve an improved standard of business operations. Let our team of experts help you design a solution to complement your current infrastructure while aligning your business to scale in the future.

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The start of our cloud service begins with a specialized design process and careful due diligence by our cloud infrastructure management team. Our team will review your current business model as well as leverage tools to get a detailed insight into your current infrastructure. They will also gain insight into your short and long-term goals to ensure the solution they recommend works for your business now, but also in the future. Next, our team will develop a cloud infrastructure that services your current IT and leverages the benefits of the cloud service.  Our experts will also deliver a seamless cloud integration plan across all environments with limited interruptions to the business. We want to get your business up and running on the cloud platform as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our cloud team will recommend one of the following types of cloud infrastructure options:

  • Private Cloud – Having complete control over your infrastructure with all software and hardware systems solely for the owner of this private network.  This private cloud deployment option is available for colocation or as an on-premise solution.
  • Public Cloud – All resources (including hardware and software) are owned and operated by a third party such as Azure, AWS, or Office 365 and delivered through the Internet. Advanticom can offer managing services and backup support for the public cloud infrastructure.
  • Hybrid Cloud – The combination of private and public cloud services that give your business control over any critical operations. Within hybrid cloud, you can still see the benefits of flexibility and improved efficiency that comes with a public cloud service.
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Icon Virtualization Deployment Options for Cloud Environments

As a service provider, Advanticom brings their experience and expertise to ensure the needs of your organization are met, your cloud environment is stable and secure, and the scalability of your cloud infrastructure is immediate.  Leveraging the various deployment and cloud computing options, we can effectively construct an adaptable and advanced solution that will evolve with your business. These versatile resources provide the right services for the data and storage within your business. 

Supporting your cloud infrastructure with the addition of cloud computing services enables Advanticom to deliver a complete solution that continues the partnership and can include:

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – Infrastructure components such as servers, data, storage, and networking hardware are hosted by Advanticom.  Leveraging the internet, this virtual infrastructure provides the same functionality as an on-premise solution but improves automation and orchestration for key components.
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) – Hardware and software tools are hosted by a third-party over the Internet.  Platform as a Service generally includes operating systems, servers, databases, and network equipment resources.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) – By providing access to software applications and virtual machines over the Internet, SaaS is a combination of IaaS and Paas.  This service model is based on all of the software resources being delivered and priced based on usage.

Ex Icon Ms Remote Management Disaster Recovery

What would happen to your data and storage in the face of a disaster? Having a proactive plan to provide policies, procedures, and tools to ensure your infrastructure is DR-ready is critical to business survival.  The Advanticom disaster recovery service is rooted in proactive planning and preparing for the worst-case IT scenario.  Your business needs a comprehensive strategy that provides the necessary steps to ensure continual operations and to minimize any potential data loss during a breach, natural disaster, massive power failure, or another emergency.  Advanticom’s disaster recovery services allow your business to monitor information, act on the first hint of a problem, and to get back up and running as quickly as possible.

Office 365 Logo Microsoft Office Services

As a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner, Advanticom helps clients understand Microsoft software capabilities and to maximize the value of their Microsoft investments.  Advanticom’s team has earned the highest level of partner distinction for extensive knowledge and years of experience helping clients to achieve their business goals.  We focus on providing our clients with business solutions that help team members work together efficiently through the use of modern document management, workflow, intranet & extranet, analytics & dashboards, sales collaboration, project management, and communication technologies.


  • Experts at building and leveraging cloud and on-premises platforms
  • Experts in Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Power BI, Azure, .NET and SharePoint

Why Advanticom

Advanticom has 25 years of experience as an enterprise-level cloud resource. We deliver the best in class cloud solutions that are customized for your unique needs and business challenges. Our cloud experts understand the challenges that can arise with a new implementation and have experience helping our clients through them. Our goal is to make sure your business is successful and supported with the correct cloud interface. As with all of our other services, we provide superior customer service and are always available when our clients need us. We look at your business as an extension of ours, leading our desire to get you the right solution, the first time.


What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is a technology that delivers services, ranging from storage to networking, without active management from the user. This solution comes in a wide variety of customized options depending on the level of control the business wants to have, the type of daily management desired, and how open they want the solution to be. It can also include the design and implementation of data center management.

What are the components of a cloud computing infrastructure?

Cloud infrastructure consists of using all of the necessary hardware and software components to deliver a cloud solution. These components include network, storage, data, and virtualization to deliver a complete solution.

What does Advanticom offer in terms of cloud infrastructure support?

Typically, Advanticom provides clients with complete support for their cloud infrastructure. Our clients reach out when they are ready to add a new implementation or when they feel their cloud infrastructure could be more efficient. We can meet the needs of any client by creating a custom cloud infrastructure management program designed to fit any need they have.

What is the process to create a cloud infrastructure?

Advanticom understands cloud resources and works to provide the right solution. Our experts have created many support options depending on the needs and criteria of the client. We will create a detailed cloud design and implementation plan after reviewing your current infrastructure and understanding what components your business would like to get from this technology. We will work to ensure a seamless and stress-free implementation of the solution to keep business disruptions down to a minimum.

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