Business communication services offer voice solutions that enhance collaboration and improve conversation with global flexibility and seamless integration.

A telephony services provider understands how to work within new business communication parameters such as BYOD (bring your own device) and remote work arrangements while delivering customized communications that fit the needs of your team and customers.

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Advanticom’s Business Communication Services

Business communications provide the foundation for your phone and business services to integrate in an effective and efficient way. Whether it’s centered around providing remote access for your sales staff to communicate with one another or providing your customer with a virtual platform when they need facetime, advanced communication systems make contact possible. Advanticom’s communication solutions start with on-premise wiring within the businesses to ensure the networking and security components are where they need to be in order to keep communications safe. Our experts will then bring solutions leveraging the latest telephony technology to your company communications plan.

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Advanticom has substantial experience in designing and managing data centers and physical cabling plants. Our experts hold an RCDD (Registered Communications Distributions Designer) which is the highest certification in cabling. Advanticom will design, install, optimize, and manage the cable plants for your new implementation or within your existing infrastructure. We take the time to understand the layout of your business and any potential interferences before the installation of cable systems connecting your phone equipment. The Advanticom engineers will then advance the cables to all necessary locations including individual desktops, closets, equipment rooms, or other facilities.

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Advanticom has always been an innovation leader in the integration of new voice technologies into business processes, including VoIP communications or Voice over IP. VoIP technology gives management control over the systems and information that enhance service and communication within organizations. Advanticom’s VoIP solution delivers a phone system leveraging the internet for flexible and customized strategic communication solutions while reducing the overall cost of telephony equipment. Advanticom also offers Private Branch Exchange (PBX) telephony solutions that provide a private telephone network with a comprehensive list of available features including a platform for a video call, voicemails automatically sent to an email address and new automatic system updates.

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As the first VOIP provider in Pittsburgh in 1995, Advanticom has always understood the importance of unified business communications. With our service, we integrate tools including instant messaging, VoIP, video, and chat features with your current business and data needs so that all employees get to benefit from a consistent interface with complete mobility. Our experts help deliver the best in class technology to support business growth, increased productivity, and a unified, system-wide company communications platform. Our solutions continue to provide the dedicated customer service our clients have come to expect each day.

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