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Communications Services

Robust, voice solutions that bring together collaboration and conversation with global flexibility and seamless integration.

While businesses are increasingly transitioning to BYOD (bring your own device) and remote work arrangements, IT departments are feeling the pressure of how to handle this influx with constrained resources and budgets. Advanticom understands how to work within those parameters while delivering a customized telephone solution that successfully delivers business communications and aligns with the strategic vision of the organization.

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Premise Wiring

Since 2006, Advanticom has substantial experience in designing data centers and physical cabling plants, both inside and out. Led by an RCDD, the highest certification in cabling, Advanticom has been able to design, install, optimize, and easily manage cable plants. Advanticom also has dedicated experts to handle the cabling, connections that are needed to connect the phone equipment within your business. We take the time to understand the layout and any potential interferences before executing. The Advanticom engineers will then efficiently run the cables to all necessary locations including individual desktops, closets, equipment rooms or other facilities.

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Imagine having access to technology that can fundamentally change the way your business communicates? VoIP technology has no boundaries on location, can support any device, and is easy to install, use and troubleshoot allowing a stress-free implementation. Advanticom’s Voice over IP solution delivers a phone system leveraging the internet for a flexible and can customized to support your strategic communication plans. Advanticom also offers PBX (Private Branch Exchange) telephony solutions which provide a private telephone network that can be used both internally and externally with a comprehensive list of available features and the ability to maintain full control over this system. Advanticom has been an innovation leader in the integration of voice technologies into business processes. We have clients whose voice implementations increased profits several times over the cost of the new system.

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Unified Communications

Advanticom will not just sell you a phone system, but instead brings forth solutions that integrate a variety of components that will help you to be successful and remain competitive. We aim to integrate tools such as instant messaging, VoIP, and chat features to enable all users a consistent interface and complete mobility. We want to deliver the best in class technology that supports business growth, increased productivity, and a unified, system-wide communications platform.

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