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Risk Management Services

Assessing the vulnerabilities and mitigating the threats associated with an organization while leveraging technology, education, and tools to reduce the overall vulnerabilities of the business.

Designed as the foundation for building on security and compliance objectives, Advanticom supports decision-makers in effective risk and impact evaluations through comprehensive IT offerings. Our solutions are comprehensive, taking you from initial assessment to continued readiness training, and delivering change management tools and strategies. Our goal is to ensure your organization is prepared and protected, while also understanding what is needed to maintain and evolve this plan as your business needs grow. Advanticom helps organizations to map their risk surface, identify risks, and calculate impacts. Our processes bring together financial and technical discipline and aligns IT risk assessment with the executive culture. That is why we continue to hold the ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 certification which represents the standards necessary for proper information security management.

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Strategic Advisory

Advanticom provides strategic advisory services to enable decision-makers to gain an understanding and then evaluate all risks within their business. We work with you to assess the impact and severity of each risk to deliver a custom-designed remediation strategy focused on your specific business and industry needs. This strategy includes an architecture solution to mitigate risk and a contingency plan supporting the need for redundancy.

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Risk Management Assessment

When we begin to work with your organization, Advanticom will first perform a risk management assessment. Our ISO 27001 certified team will identify and categorize the level of risk to your business within all components of your environment including infrastructure, network, building availability, security, and personnel. This essential, first step identifies current points of failure, especially within critical business applications. Our team utilizes application dependency mapping and recovery planning to guide your infrastructure components through restoration. Advanticom also works through recovery point and recovery time objectives so all components of your tactical plan are comprehensive and provide a multi-dimensional view of your security posture.

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Business Continuity

The Advanticom team will guide you through a business continuity plan that focuses on ensuring the business can sustain operations during an unplanned incident. Our meticulous plan emphasizes the tactics needed to restore your business, lays the groundwork for schedules and timelines needed to minimize impact, and establishes a communication schedule and data loss tolerance to prepare the organization to survive a major incident. We also perform application dependency mapping and IT asset management across all business units within the organization. This type of planning can help your business respond to all types of disruptions that can cause expensive downtime including natural disasters, network disruptions, cybersecurity incidents, and even human error.

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Policy Library

Advanticom will work with your team to develop an IT policy library that will contain regulations, procedures, and guidelines regarding the technology resources within your organization. The documentation provides expectations and requirements for those that use and manage any technology components including applications, infrastructure, hardware, software or networking. Advanticom’s policy library has been validated and approved for ISO 27001. Our policies were written to perform together and for integration within a library. Establish a protective framework to safeguard your organization and its technology while our experts save you time with recommendations, examples, and support on policy customization.

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Compliance and Governance

Advanticom understands the importance of complying with all government regulations and rules and has been recognized by the International Organization for Standardization, ISO, with an ISO 27001 certification. Advanticom is accredited to support clients with ITIL, Information Technology Infrastructure Library, consulting services which focus on the strategy and execution of technology services with the needs of the business. Our ITSM, IT service management, consulting services use a variety of activities to help our clients focus on the needs and IT services of their customers.

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