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IT Risk Services

Risk is the least understood of business concepts. Research shows that emotional (gut) decisions tend to be wrong more than two or three times.

Data-based decisions can produce positive results 75% to 90% of the time. The variance depends on the complexity. The majority of decision-makers decide on emotion or perception. They then justify the decision with logic.

Advanticom has the unique capacity to assist decision-makers in effective risk and impact evaluation through comprehensive IT risk advisory services.

Using tools and experience, we enable decision-makers to evaluate risk and impact. We take the emotion out of the equation. Decision-makers then have a clear and specific risk assessment to can make effective decisions.

Our Risk Services

Risk Management

Risk and Impact Evaluation

Program Development

Security Awareness Training
Social Engineering
Red Team Testing
Security Practice Stand Up Workshop

Strategy & Advisory

Business Continuity
Business Risk Impact Assessment

Readiness Training
and Education

Threat Hunting
Emergency Security Response
Threat Eradication
Attack Containment and Isolation

Compliance and Governance

ISO Compliance Audit
ISO Consulting Services
ITIL Consulting Services
ITSM Consulting Services

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