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SIEM Compliance

A SIEM (Security Information & Event Management) platform enables the collection of valuable log data within an IT environment to assist with threat detection.  Implementation is becoming more widely adopted as organizations begin to understand how they can benefit from all of the features and capabilities of the solution.  Almost every business (regardless of vertical….

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Another Visit with Keith Arnold on the TechVibe Geek Out

Click here to listen to Keith Arnold’s recent discussion on the TechVibe Geek Out podcast. Keith talks with Jonathan Kersting of the Pittsburgh Technology Council about the value of leveraging a managed security service provider when it comes to direct breach and incident response. They also discuss Advanticom’s unique emergency security response and how they….

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Keith Arnold featured on TechVibe Geek Out

Click here to listen to Keith Arnold, Vice President of Advanticom featured on a recent podcast with the Pittsburgh Technology Council. In this episode of the TechVibe Geek Out, Keith explains the connection between IT efficiency and productivity. He also discusses topics including: o What does efficient IT look like? o ITIL frameworks o Ticketing….

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Security Awareness Training for Today’s Business

In today’s always-connected world with cyber threats moving faster and more frequently than ever, business leaders need to understand the importance of educating their employees on tactics and prevention to aid in their overall cybersecurity plan.  Imagine your employees are a chain.  One link breaks, the whole thing falls apart.  Employees need guidance and support….

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