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Security Managed Services

Cybersecurity compliance is a business issue and not an IT issue. IT can provide for the effective defense, have continuity plans in place, and respond to incidents, but the responsibility of cyber security lays with the CEO and CFO and they alone.

Security Managed Services

Adversaries are after that which is important to you. They are after customer information, access to customer systems, your intellectual property, and the finances of your firm and your employees. In their pursuit, they will take away that which is most important, the trust of your clients and your employees. The CEO and the CFO determines the investment levels of every aspect of the firm. IT cannot be expected to provide effective solutions in an asynchronous battle. It is the responsibility of IT to inform on risk and the resources to mitigate them. It is the responsibility of the CEO and CFO to measure impact and decide on resources. IT can be faulted for the ineffective use of resources, or the lack of operational expertise, but they cannot be faulted for the lack of resources. The CEO and the CFO are responsible to every client for trust and for the stakeholders for the protection of intellectual property and competitive advantage. Far too often, the executive leadership puts cyber defense on IT without the resources to win the battle. Have you ever sat next to a CEO when he realizes his firm has been breached and much is at risk? We have. It is a very emotional moment and there is tremendous toxicity. Fear, blame, embarrassment, and anger are often present. On day 1, they come to the conference room with pale faces and open checkbooks. They beg for salvation. They just want it resolved. How does this happen? This is the direct result of the majority of CEO and CFO choosing to avoid knowing their risks and choosing to save money while risking much more. When it happens, all of that guilt comes rushing forward. It is embarrassing. They have so much of their identity tied into the business, and they realize they risk losing it all. 61% of small and medium businesses are done within 6 months of a cyber breach. It’s like realizing you lost the poker game in which you bet your house. It is a really bad day. Governing bodies such as DHS, the FFIEC, DHHS, and others are moving to force management and boards of directors to take more active roles in cyber security risk analysis and moving to require a top-down approach because far too many business leaders are choosing ignorance over knowledge and risk over mitigation. IT leaders can save the CEO and the organization by ensuring that their business leaders know the risks, likelihood, and estimated impacts. Having a security partner mitigates the risk and the impact.

Our Security Services

Security Posture

Vulnerability Assessment
Firewall Assessment
Configuration review
Architectural review
Physical Security
Application delivery services, web app firewalls

Breach Readiness

Security Awareness Training
Social Engineering
Red Team Testing
Security Practice Stand Up Workshop

Strategy & Alignment

Strategy Management for IT Services
Alignment of Vision and Mission
Security Architecture and Governance

Active Threat Response

Threat Hunting
Emergency Security Response
Threat Eradication
Attack Containment and Isolation

Managed Security Services

Managed Endpoint (Detection and Prevention)
Managed Firewall and IDS
Security Event Monitoring and Management
Logging Management and Compliance Reporting

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