Cybersecurity services provide continuous security services for your business. The proactive and reactive management of your entire technology infrastructure centers around threat detection, risk analysis and managed security services.

By aligning with a cybersecurity expert, your business is supplied with threat intelligence for your IT environment and global data in order to reduce the risk to your security operations and information.

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Advanticom’s Cybersecurity Services

Advanticom understands the importance of having a complete, integrated approach to cybersecurity. With threats increasing in frequency and more devastating than ever, our team of experts work diligently to ensure that your business operates smarter than hackers and stronger than the attacks. We blend our advanced expertise with physical security and managed security technologies to ensure the protection of all hardware, software, and data entities. Advanticom supports clients by helping them to find ways to improve their current cybersecurity plan and provide solutions to improve operations.

Icon Security Breach Readiness Breach Awareness & Readiness

If a malicious virus or a hacker gained entrance into your systems, how would your business handle the attack? Our team has years of experience preparing organizations for threats and has been behind the scenes on some very high-profile remediation incidents. Advanticom’s cybersecurity experts will help you answer that question by first performing an extensive evaluation with a wide variety of various tests and assessments may include:

  • A vulnerability assessment – that works to identify, quantify, and establish priorities of the weaknesses in a system.
  • A firewall assessment – that comprehensively works to identify the access options and what can and cannot be permitted through.
  • Overall configuration analysis – that takes a look at everything from the current content in your cybersecurity plans to cookies. Network configurations, software settings, and infrastructure layouts will also be analyzed.
  • An architectural review – that allows the provider to gain a full understanding of the current weaknesses and strengths within all systems.

To bring the support full-circle, Advanticom also provides a Security Awareness Training course to educate employees on computer security and how they can protect the business and themselves. This training helps management to maintain a strong defense by empowering employees to take control and help the organization be proactive.

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Icon Security Active Threat Active Threat & Incident Response

A benefit of leveraging a managed security service provider for your security needs is their ability to threat hunt or proactively look for any undetected threats within your network. Advanticom has the unique ability to not only defend against a breach but also engage in direct breach and incident response. We are on the edge of major incidents and outbreaks with phishing, ransomware, and advanced persistent threat (APT) groups.

Should something be identified, our experts will begin their emergency security response which includes a plan to minimize any negative impact on the business and will immediately start the process to contain and isolate the threat. As part of our unique solution, our team will install network sensors for IDS/IPS while leveraging EPP and EDR monitoring from our forensics team. In the event of an emergency, we can install a logging platform and correlation engine to assist in containment. This will immediately help our managed security services group transition into eradication and remediation efforts. Our goal is to get your network back to full optimization as quickly as possible.

Icon Security Posture Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

SIEM is a key Advanticom component of prevention for businesses. SIEM works by collecting data from various resources including servers, devices on the network, and applications. It then analyzes the data to discover threats or abnormalities. This allows our experts to pinpoint security breaches quickly and efficiently to investigate the alerts. By having all activity combined, analyzed, and aggregated into normal movements, any unusual activity can be detected at a granular level.

We partner with some of the leading platforms in the cybersecurity industry and participate in information sharing, defensive, and forensic communities. Our solution is a holistic approach to managed security services. We deploy all cybersecurity components into a unified platform that include:

  • MDR agents
  • SIEM
  • Network IDS
  • Logging
  • Vulnerability management
  • Risk assessment
  • Asset discovery
  • Asset inventory

Icon Security Managed Cybersecurity Managed Services

Advanticom’s managed security services are customized to support your business’s security initiatives, overall strategy, and security architecture. We provide SOC, NOC, engineering, auditing, consultation services, and an emergency incident response team for companies of all sizes and various industries. Our solutions include endpoint detection and prevention, managed firewall, and a managed intrusion detection system. Our fully-staffed Network Operations Center (NOC) is monitored 24x7x365 by our Level 2 engineers that work to detect, investigate, and remediate all attacks. Our initial managed services setup includes establishing the ability for our experts to see all of the internal components that could be damaged, stolen, or infected. Advanticom will always have eyes on your business to be the first line of defense.

With the large quantity of data collected and analyzed with cybersecurity managed services, Advanticom provides support with logging management. Our detailed reporting is beneficial for compliance verifications including for HIPAA, SOX, and PCI DDS. The entire Advanticom team is ITIL certified and our focus on standards and best practices leads us to enable better security through customized processes and procedures.

Why Advanticom

Leveraging our ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification, Advanticom has built security incident response plans, procedures, templates, and devised workshops with countless organizations over the last 25 years. Selecting Advanticom to align with your organization is a cost-effective cybersecurity solution that provides your business with experienced, highly-trained cybersecurity resources. Our partnership allows us to completely manage all potential risk areas and to mitigate any threat that could hurt your organization. By doing so, your team can focus on the business needs and overall strategy surrounding servicing your clients and becoming more profitable. Let Advanticom be your managed security service provider to close the gap on all threats and bring peace of mind to you and your team.


What is a cybersecurity service provider?

A cybersecurity service provider is a firm that offerings a suite of solutions geared towards protecting every entity within an organization. All information and systems are assessed for potential vulnerabilities and then a plan is developed to mitigate those threats. The plan allows for a new level of protection to be set and creates a secure foundation for the future of the company.

What is the difference between MSP and MSSP?

The difference between a managed service provider (MSP) and a managed security service provider (MSSP) is based on where the priority of security falls within the scope of services. A managed service provider can be a benefit to your organization by providing day to day technical support and supporting ongoing initiatives. With a managed security service provider, your business will receive the benefits of a managed services provider while also guaranteeing your systems are safe and compliant. When it comes to cybersecurity, you want your organization to have that extra protection.

Our business has offices in the United States and all over the world. Are you able to provide managed security services to my organization?

Advanticom is able to provide all security services to clients in the United States, Canada, and across the world. Whether you have one office with people located here or satellite offices placed across the globe, our offerings provide security services to each state and area.

What size of business can benefit from managed security services?

The Advanticom offering works for small to enterprise businesses in every vertical. Our managed security service offering is a comprehensive solution, custom-designed by a cyber expert to safeguard your business. Our team works alongside management to ensure the solution fits the necessary parameters of scale, budget, and strategy.

What should our business look for in a good information security provider?

When you are looking for a new information security provider, check that they can fit the criteria below:

  1. Have demonstrated experience with threat intelligence
  2. Has proven management of threat intelligence
  3. Are familiar and can use the systems and technologies that currently exist in your infrastructure
  4. Are not limited to the resources and experts within their organization
  5. Offer supported solutions that fit your industry, budget, and goals
  6. Is a managed security solution provider (MSSP)
What does the Advanticom security solution plan include?

As providers, we design a plan for each of our clients to provide ongoing support, learn from analytics to reduce threats, and improve the overall threat management of your technology infrastructure. The goal is to provide each business leader with the information they need to reduce risk and enhance long-term security strategies. That solution plan could include general security practices for email, suggestions for website settings, and other management recommendations for a successful security operations plan.