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Infrastructure Services

A technological leader that creates a strong framework for the management of your IT environment while focusing on bringing stability, reliability, and resiliency to your infrastructure.

Advanticom is on the cutting edge of infrastructure technology and brings with it years of experience in auditing, designing, and executing IT systems architecture. Advanticom’s solutions are rooted in providing agility, scalability, and security for your entire IT lifecycle. Our consulting services are based on the importance of technology optimization and to deliver a mature and resilient framework that is adaptable, versatile, and grows alongside your business. Advanticom uses a proprietary assessment called business intelligence (BI), that identifies the optimum solution while creating a comprehensive plan that allows for the efficient management of your next-generation IT infrastructure.

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Data Storage

Advanticom’s data storage solutions secure a strong foundation to handle the daily influx of data and business-critical information. While different verticals have access to varying types of data, all organizations have to be cognizant of the vital data they hold. Ensuring the infrastructure is set up to safely house all information is essential to the success of the business and its reputation. With costs as low as 30% under market, we offer a broad range of hot and cold storage options to deliver the best price and optimal solution for your business.

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This technology gives your organization a tool that allows one system to run multiple infrastructures at the same time. The approach can be applied to networking, storage, or servers and brings the management to one central component. Virtualization provides a reduction in IT costs by reducing storage space, better utilizing existing resources, and providing a faster time for disaster recovery. Advanticom’s virtualization team specializes in right-sizing and optimizing the performance of your infrastructure to ensure proper utilization of resources. Specializing in ways to harden your virtualized infrastructure with CIS Benchmarks™, we work to eliminate weaknesses that could expose your business to cyber-attacks.

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Dark Fiber

Dark Fiber

Our network experts recommend leveraging a more cost-effective and secure solution for fiber connectivity. Unlit fiber can be a great strategic plan for your organization. Leveraging unused fiber lines, your business can switch to this internet option for increased bandwidth, controlled costs, and complete control over speed. Advanticom’s dark fiber offers unlimited bandwidth potential while delivering solid pricing enabling your business to easily move to the cloud.

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Server infrastructure is based on helping your business manage the needs of your employees and the demands of your clients. Our solutions focus on storing, controlling, defending and providing access to the information in a manner that supports all business initiatives. We follow CIS Controls® that determine configurations on servers and server software to provide the highest level of protection and safeguarding them from cyber threats. Advanticom will work with you to develop a strategy that will help you achieve optimum performance, availability, efficiency and business value from your investment.

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The networking team at Advanticom is here to help you ensure communication, information, and innovation is constantly flowing throughout your organization. Our approach to networking incorporates high ROI solutions that put scalability, security, and agility at the forefront. Our expert solutions range from advising on software-defined networking, consulting on a companywide connectivity and wireless access plan, implementing new intrusion prevention and detection solutions, or ensuring a smooth transition of data integrating into a hybrid environment. Our networking team also dedicates resources to follow the CIS Controls® model of securing all networking equipment and devices including firewalls, routers, or switches.

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