IT infrastructure services provide businesses with a stable and secure framework for technology to support company operations.

Your technology partner will create a strong foundation for the management of your IT infrastructure while focusing on efficiency, reliability, and resiliency for the business.

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Advanticom’s IT Infrastructure Services

Whether you are looking for a complete overhaul to the management of your infrastructure or need infrastructure consulting services for your data center needs, Advanticom’s infrastructure services will enhance your operations, improve data protection, and increase the efficiency of your systems for the end-user.

Icon Storage Data Storage Services

Advanticom’s data storage services are equipped to safely handle and provide easy management of the daily influx of data and business-critical information flowing through your business. Ensuring the infrastructure services are set up to properly house all information is essential to the success of the business and its reputation. Data centers are a key component of data management and focus on security, remote management of data, cloud services, and enterprise management.


  • Data storage services cost as low as 30% under market
  • A broad range of hot and cold enterprise options
  • Highly ranked data center with stringent protocols in place for security, climate control, and superior power management
  • Options for data center redundancy and managed services available
  • Services designed to deliver the best price and optimal solutions for all organizations

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Icon Servers Server Solution Services

Advanticom’s server infrastructure services are based on helping your business manage the needs of your employees and the demands of your clients. Our solutions deliver options for storing, controlling, defending, and providing access to information in a manner that supports all business initiatives. Our consulting team will work with you to develop a management strategy to achieve optimum performance, availability, efficiency, and business value from your investment.


  • Follow CIS Controls® to determine configurations on servers and server software providing a high level of protection and safeguards
  • Custom storage plans available with options for data center or individual enterprise management

Icon Virtualization Virtualization Services

Advanticom provides virtualization services so your business can provide an end user a tool that allows one system to run multiple infrastructures at the same time. The approach brings the management of this resource to one central component. Advanticom’s virtualization team specializes in right-sizing and optimizing the performance of your infrastructure to ensure proper utilization of resources. It allows virtual access to any user while remaining connected to approved resources and hardware.


  • This service can be applied to networking, storage, or servers
  • Reduction in IT costs for companies by reducing storage space, improved utilization of existing resources, and providing a faster time for disaster recovery
  • Leveraging CIS Benchmarks™, we eliminate weaknesses that could expose your business to cyber-attacks

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Dark Fiber Dark Fiber Services

The network experts at Advanticom recommend leveraging a cost-effective and secure solution for fiber connectivity. This enterprise solution provides unlit fiber service while your organization retains management and control. Advanticom’s dark fiber offers unlimited bandwidth potential while delivering solid pricing. This service enables your business to easily move to the cloud and implement cloud-focused solutions.


  • Provides increased and/or adjustable bandwidth depending on needs
  • Enables controlled costs
  • Allows complete control over speed and use

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Icon Networking Networking Services

The networking team at Advanticom is here to help you ensure communication, information, and innovation is constantly flowing throughout your organization. Our expert solutions include advising on software-defined networking, consulting on companywide connectivity and wireless access plans, implementing new intrusion prevention and detection solutions, or ensuring a smooth transition of data integration into a hybrid environment.


  • Networking solution with high ROI
  • Places scalability, security, and agility benefits at the center of the service
  • Follow CIS Controls® model for securing networking equipment and devices including firewalls, routers, or switches

Why Advanticom

Advanticom provides years of expertise in IT infrastructure services and infrastructure management. We are on the cutting edge of infrastructure technology and bring with it years of experience in auditing, designing, and executing IT systems architecture. Our infrastructure service experts offer consulting support that works to address issues for your business while balancing operational needs. As your partner, our team will bring knowledge of the latest industry trends and requirements while focusing on delivering optimized solutions. This service list may include the implementation of new applications or a migration to a secure infrastructure platform. Our consulting services are based on the importance of technology optimization and delivering a mature and resilient framework that grows as your business does.


What is IT infrastructure?

IT infrastructure is a set of technology components that provide services to an end user. There are a variety of components that together, manage the infrastructure including data storage, networking, and computing.

What is your process for assessing the current IT infrastructure?

Advanticom uses a proprietary assessment, called Business Intelligence (BI) that identifies the optimum solution while creating a comprehensive plan that allows for the efficient management of your next-generation IT infrastructure. This information management process allows us to support all clients, from SMB to large enterprise.

Can you help us expand our IT infrastructure to support a new application such as 5G, new cloud offerings, or AWS?

Advanticom experts provide services that focus on the future and will adapt to new technologies including cloud, data center, or other enterprise solutions.

How will adjusting the hardware impact my cloud infrastructure?

Advanticom understands the importance of your cloud infrastructure and works within the necessary constraints to ensure a seamless transformation. Our experts will handle the administration and transition of all infrastructure components to ensure your cloud is not negatively impacted. Our cloud experts will work to ensure implementation is performed cautiously and with minimal disruption to your business.

Can you provide managed services on IT infrastructure components across multiple platforms?

Yes, our experts will be able to offer managed services to support your infrastructure. We understand that data components, cloud infrastructure, and data center solutions need to overlap and work together to become an efficient operation. We can optimize what you currently use or provide a managed solution for a complete overhaul.

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