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Phishing Email Graphic Scaled

Phishing Emails and Self Reporting

Phishing Attacks Are on the Rise Phishing attacks are increasing at a rapidly increasing rate and are becoming increasingly more difficult to discern from a legitimate email and the consequences for falling for them can be catastrophic.  Phishing is a type of cybercrime that attempts to trick consumers into clicking a link or opening an….

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Principle Of Least Privilege

The Principle of Least Privilege

The principle of Least Privilege (POLP), also known as the principle of least authority or least access, is a security concept in computer systems and networks that limits the access rights of users and programs to the bare minimum necessary to perform their tasks. The principle of least privilege is considered a fundamental principle of….

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Lateral Movement

What is Lateral Movement and Why Does it Matter?

In cybersecurity, lateral movement refers to techniques used by attackers to move within a network after initially compromising a single system. This can include techniques such as using stolen credentials to access other systems, exploiting vulnerabilities in network infrastructure, and using remote administration tools. The goal of lateral movement is typically to gain access to….

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Cybersecurity Tools: EDR vs MDR vs XDR

Let’s Clear Up Common Misconceptions About Cybersecurity Tools The intended audience of this blog includes business owners, executives, IT managers, IT engineers and those curiously interested in IT. We seek to provide you with the latest IT knowledge and insights from our behind-the-scenes experience. We provide this information to help you manage the specific costs and risks of IT in your business.  In our world today, data is our most valuable resource. Your organization’s….

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