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What You Need to Know about

Virtualization Solutions

Virtualization is the creation of a virtual version of something such as an operating system, a storage device, server, or a network solution. It’s focused on using software to mimic the functionality of hardware while improving the performance and efficiency of your existing resources.


The Solution

can be broken down into a few types:


Multiple operating systems run on one server

  • - Increases Application Performance
  • - Open Up Server Availability


Divides desktop and associated software from physical desktop

  • - Allows for easy management
  • - Keeps flexibility and consistency for end-user


All resources brought together under one

  • - Supports automating network
  • - Enhances security policy implementation


Pulls any available storage together under one entity

  • - Easy management
  • - Faster recovery


of implementing a comprehensive, virtualization strategy with Advanticom include:

  1. Cost savings from reducing the amount of physical IT hardware
  2. Consolidation of existing infrastructure from decommissioning unnecessary components and optimizing
  3. Energy savings including a reduction in cooling costs and power consumption
  4. Reduction of a company’s carbon footprint and environmental benefits
  5. Improved disaster recovery planning and implementation
  6. Easier management of the IT environment
  7. Minimal downtime for maintenance and upgrades
With a dedication to efficiency, Advanticom performs a right-sizing process for virtualized environments to optimize resources and reclaim any component that isn’t leveraged properly. Advanticom adheres to the CIS Benchmarks™ for the prevention of cyber threats including within virtualization. Our experts proactively work through the hardening process of all virtualized components to reduce the vulnerability of each system. With 25 years of enterprise experience, our highly-trained experts are prepared to inspect your infrastructure to consult the type of virtualization solution that would be the best option for your business.

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