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Data Storage

A data storage solution is the answer to ‘where do we keep something’ within an IT environment. It’s about saving something important and saving it in a way that makes sense for the business.


Finding the right data storage solution for your business is critical for the successful management and scalability needed within the technology environment. The solution must work cohesively to manage all information that includes everything from e-mails and employee files, to back-ups for all business-critical applications. IT departments are facing added requirements due to government regulations requiring companies to hold onto more information and for longer durations of time. Also putting pressure on the storage solutions are larger media files being transferred around the network and operating system updates that require more space for implementation.

Advanticom’s enterprise data storage solutions can handle volatility, provide efficiency and guarantee recoverability. Asking questions about the cloud infrastructure, what devices need access to certain data components, and your current data saving policy including the use of hard drives or SSD’s, leads our team of experts to understand your business systems and how to improve on them. Advanticom’s hot storage offerings allow you to select what data needs to be accessed immediately in your environment.

While our cold storage offerings recognize the speed to which the rest of your data needs to be accessed and provides options for when that timeframe is less frequent. Advanticom delivers custom data storage solutions with costs significantly lower than market average and designed to fit your business needs.

Let Advanticom partner with you and work to determine a plan that gives your business the secure solution it needs.


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