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What You Need to Know about

Dark Fiber

Dark fiber, also called unlit fiber, is fiber optic cables that have already been laid but are currently unused. This network strategy provides organizations with higher performance, accelerated bandwidth,and improved network security.


Businesses are switching from traditional, commercial internet services to dark fiber because of increased demand for enterprise connectivity from current technology trends including cloud computing and the Internet of Things. With this switch comes the benefits of having a network solution solely dedicated to you, structured the way you need it, and with the required flexibility your business needs to thrive. Dark fiber bandwidth delivers almost instantaneous scalability and private cables help to improve network latency. Physical redundancy and a separate network secure your business, your data, and your operations should there be an incident or attack.

The Advanticom dark fiber infrastructure facilitates access to unlimited bandwidth and affordable pricing that easily enables a move to Advanticom’s cloud environment.

Dark fiber delivers multiple wavelengths, a high level of security, and the option for adding additional solutions including disaster recovery and redundancy. We have a dedicated network team that is committed to ensuring a timely and smooth transition to dark fiber. Our experts will implement this cost-effective solution allowing you complete control over the customization and management of all connectivity.


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