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Advanticom Advisory – Cisco Bug

Cisco is letting customers know about a serious security flaw that has been discovered in some Nexus switches. This bug, monitored as CVE-2020-10136, has been given an 8.6 / 10 on the severity score. This vulnerability allows traffic from the attacker’s machine to directly infiltrate the target’s network by circumventing Access Control Lists. If used….

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Advanticom Advisory – Samsung Alert

A critical, security vulnerability has been discovered with all Samsung Galaxy smartphones sold after late 2014. The issue is caused by a security gap when the devices handle .qmg images, such as thumbnails. It ranks as the highest threat level, a 10 on the CVSS scale, in terms of criticality and vulnerability. Your device could….

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Budgetary Inefficiencies in IT Departments

The constraint of limited budgets resonates with IT departments across the globe and prevents them from executing more projects and providing more value for the business.  There are two primary reasons that budgets are insufficient.  First, the department budget is determined by someone other than the IT department and results in an insufficient amount.  Second,….

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Advanticom Advisory – VMware Issue

Critical VMware Vulnerability VMware just released a CVSS 10 (critical) vulnerability for VMware vCenter 6.7 and VCSA 6.7.  It ONLY impacts environments that were upgraded from previous versions including Version 6.7, 6.5, and older. Version 7.0 is not affected. VMware corrected the issue in vCenter/VCSA 6.7 update 3F, which was released on 4/10/20.  This vulnerability….

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