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Importance of IT Scalability

In business, scalability is described as the function to adapt, handle, and operate successfully to an increased or expanded workload.  Scalability must be an early consideration for businesses to ensure the right foundation is in place so that all functions and operations can take place as needed. We already know how vital technology is to….

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Advanticom Advisory – Adobe Flash

Advanticom wants to make you aware of an issue related to Adobe Flash going end-of-life. On December 31st, Adobe will no longer be supporting Flash Player and will block that content from running beginning on January 12, 2021. Windows has provided an update that removes Adobe Flash Player from all devices. Once the update is….

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The Challenges of Planning for 2021

This year has proven to be one of the most challenging years the business world has ever seen. The COVID-19 global pandemic sent IT teams all over the globe rushing to adjust their business models, methods of communications, and strategic initiatives for 2020. Organizations faced an immediate need to provide remote access to all employees….

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