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Cybersecurity Cyburgh Final

Keith Arnold Presents at Cyburgh 2021

Keith Arnold, Vice President of Advanticom, recently spoke at the Pittsburgh Technology Council Cyburgh 2021 event. The event was full of presentations from experts with a variety of backgrounds focused on discussing cybersecurity and what businesses need to know to manage and prevent the latest threats. With hackers becoming more advanced and adjusting their techniques….

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The Story of Intrusion Detection

As we continue to peel back the layers of cybersecurity protections, intrusion detection is a pivotal part of that plan.  Intrusion detection is an application that monitors a network or system for malicious activity.  It analyzes and then reports the data to an administrator or event management system.  With this type of information, a security….

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Advanticom’s VP on the Tech Guys Talk Podcast

Vice President of Advanticom, Keith Arnold, participated in the latest Tech Guys Talk podcast with Nathan Neil. Their discussion included the value of Advanticom’s ITIL internal framework and the importance of having the right data to provide a 360-degree view of the technology within an organization. Click here to listen or search for the podcast….

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Use Your MSP as your MVP

While the Super Bowl always has a most valuable player (MVP), the team at Advanticom decided to generate a list of reasons why a managed service provider (MSP) can be the MVP for your organization.  These items represent ways that a strategic relationship with the right managed service provider can bring improved operations, increased efficiencies,….

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