Project Management

Your Challenge

Satisfaction with IT project outcomes is very low.

Effective project management is critical yet organizations resist it.

PM processes and resources seem excessively complex and many believe it requires high effort or expense. The opposite is true.

Effective project management is not note taking and scheduling.

Critical Insights

Comparing baseline project performance to effective project performance yields clear and substantial performance improvements.

Analysis shows 20% to 50% improvements in CPI and SPI.

The effective project manager utilizes several strategies in scheduling, work plan improvement, and resource management and tools to produce substantial results.

Impact & Result

Lean departments operate more efficiently than legacy IT operations.

Lean service desks operate 30-40% more efficiently.

Lean Systems and Networking Infrastructure Teams operate 50-80% more efficiently.

Project Management as a Service delivers CPI and SPI to plan or better.

Business and end user satisfaction increases substantially as Operational Maturity improves.