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Case Study

National Manufacturer

The Problem

An international manufacturer headquartered in the Netherlands with 10,000 employees and hundreds of locations across the globe was seeking a technology partner to architect and implement a move to the cloud. After reviewing solutions presented by a few other large IT partners, the CIO was noticing a focus on the initial move without follow up support that would leave his team to try to handle the changes and everyday operations themselves. He expressed concerns over the initial move of their most critical systems but was most fearful about what would happen after the migration. He and his team did not believe that they had the internal scale and skills to monitor, patch, manage, and support the implementation across so many new systems. They were looking for Advanticom to guide them through the move but not leave them high and dry afterward.

Core Pain Points

  • Lack of IT staff able to be dedicated to implementing a move to the cloud
  • The actual design and implementation of a cloud solution that included SharePoint, Skype, IaaS, O365, and critical systems particularly SAP and HR
  • Lack of experienced IT staff for follow up procedures to cloud migration
  • Lack of preparation and experience to monitor, patch, manage and support the new cloud environment
  • Too difficult, time-consuming, and expensive to adjust the IT department to handle all of these things internally

The Advanticom Solution

Advanticom met with the CIO and team to showcase a solution that involved a smooth, efficient move to the cloud followed up with continued support of their business. As the senior project team built and migrated the systems for each geographic region for the client, Advanticom’s NOC began to take all calls for support that came through. Dividing the client locations into groups allowed for a stress-free transition and a complete dedication to finalizing each component of the migration while the NOC team worked to maintain daily operations everywhere else.

Client Results

Advanticom was able to deliver a seamless transition to the cloud for this client. The team ensured all applications were functioning properly for each geographic group including all critical systems. Advanticom eliminated the concerns of the CIO by supporting each location of their business with regularly scheduled patch management, continuous monitoring, and 24x7x365 support. Productivity climbed with the quantity of tickets closed per month up close to 400%. The team was solving problems faster and logging more hours per day providing excellent customer service and significantly increased support.

With this partnership, the client also saw improvements in these areas:

  • Overall ticket reduction due to improved best practices
  • Improved documentation and increased ticket details
  • Improved IT department efficiencies
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved quality of service
  • Significant cost savings

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