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Case Study

National Retailer

The Problem

A national retailer valued at over $900 million and with over 1,200 locations was struggling with retaining qualified technical staff to handle the large number of tickets coming in from all of their locations. The executive team was also consistently receiving complaints about the inadequate solutions, lack of communication with minimal documentation, and poor customer service employees received from the IT team. Turnover was high, onboarding was slow and expensive, and the VP of Infrastructure and Operations was desperate for a solution.

Core Pain Points

  • Not enough IT staff for workload
  • Long, frequent, and costly onboarding periods for any new staff member
  • Tickets building up in the queue faster than the
    IT department could remediate them
  • Tickets were regularly surpassing the company’s SLA’s
  • Quality of customer service was poor and rushed
  • Inconsistent documentation and processes

The Advanticom Solution

Advanticom recognized the severity of the issue and the urgency in which this client needed a resolution. Advanticom developed a managed services solution that started by assigning a number of their service desk engineers to join a unified service desk with the client’s remaining service desk staff. This group worked collectively to handle all incoming tickets. The Advanticom engineers took any tickets that were at risk of SLA escalation and all new inbound tickets. Ticket overflow would then go to the larger service desk pool of resources if necessary. Documentation and managing the process were essential to the success of the client, especially during the transition period, so everyone was instructed to use the client’s ticketing system to log all activity and time. The Advanticom focus was to deliver the right solution, with a supportive approach, while improving first call resolution, and lifting the credibility of the department by instilling confidence in their employees.

Client Results

Advanticom was able to deliver results that surpassed the client’s expectations. Productivity numbers drastically increased. Fourteen days after the implementation, Advanticom exceeded the number of tickets remediated per day per engineer by the client’s previous team by 10%. One month after, Advanticom’s team was 36% more productive. After two months, our team exceeded 50% optimization.

After months of this partnership, the client began to see improvements in their employees as well. Their team benefited from:

  • Exposure and suggestions on better practices
  • Adoption of processes and procedures
  • Increased documentation and updates to their knowledge base
  • Less turnover
  • Improved communications
  • Improvements in managerial practices
  • Increased utilization
  • Improved employee confidence

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