Procurement Optimization

Your Challenge

Most organizations suffer from sub-optimization in their technology supply chain.

IT departments lack the tools and pricing information to get the lowest price.

Suppliers are incented to maximize the price you pay.

The traditional supplier/client relationship is asynchronous and advantaged toward the supplier. Your best interest and theirs is at odds.

Critical Insights

Suppliers make more money in profit and commissions the more you pay.

Suppliers intentionally hide their means of maximizing their commission.

The seller intentionally obfuscates to minimize your knowledge and thereby consume more of your budget than is necessary.

The relationship is a zero-sum game. The more you lose, the more they win.

Impact & Result

The intentional obfuscation of cost and price data consumes more budget than is necessary.

Improved procurement practices free up budget to get more done.

IT departments that optimize procurement get more done with the same amount of money.

More budget and resources are available for security, BCP, and other valuable projects when effective procurement lowers prices.