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Business Continuity

Business continuity refers to the development of processes and systems to protect and recover essential business components. These systems are inherently designed to ensure business operation recovery and continuation during a disaster or significant threat.


Proactive strategies are the foundation for business continuity and the key to overcoming a crisis. This concept brings all departments together ensuring unified protection while making the IT department the point of contact and leveraging technology to deliver solutions. Advanticom outlines the plan for restoring business functions and what critical communications need to be shared (and with whom) within your business. The goal of business continuity planning is to design and implement a complete risk reduction model that focuses on minimizing business losses and works to quickly restore all business functions after any harmful event.

Advanticom’s business continuity planning brings our team of experts in to study and analyze your IT infrastructure, operations, and business resources. We take a deep dive into the way your business currently handles threats and events to detect if there are gaps or lapses in protection that need to be addressed. We then prepare a full business continuity plan that outlines every component of your business preparedness, response, and recovery.

Advanticom’s Comprehensive Plan Includes:

  1. Analysis of current disaster recovery and business continuity plans
  2. Impact analysis testing to establish guidelines for recovery time
  3. Communication schedules and data loss tolerance documentation
  4. Application dependency mapping
  5. IT asset management and configurations
  6. Recovery processes for critical business functions including your cloud environment, data management systems or infrastructure components
  7. Disaster testing and mock recovery planning

Planning for the worst is the only way to anticipate, prepare, and guarantee your business will survive something so costly and detrimental. Let Advanticom help you protect that bottom line with a thorough business continuity plan.

With a dedication to efficiency, Advanticom performs a right-sizing process for virtualized environments to optimize resources and reclaim any component that isn’t leveraged properly. Advanticom adheres to the CIS Benchmarks™ for the prevention of cyber threats including within virtualization. Our experts proactively work through the hardening process of all virtualized components to reduce the vulnerability of each system. With 25 years of enterprise experience, our highly-trained experts are prepared to inspect your infrastructure to consult the type of virtualization solution that would be the best option for your business.

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