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Paving the way for unified technological and business advancement in your customized environment while achieving complete accessibility, improved system effectiveness, and optimized flexibility.

Let our cloud experts revolutionize your IT into a cloud environment tailored for efficient performance, one that opens the door for improved response and profitability, and improves the way your business operates and communicates. Advanticom will leverage our vast experience supporting medium and large enterprises alongside a complete dedication to engrossing ourselves in the best technology solutions out there. We look at your business as an extension of ours leading our desire to get you the right solution, the first time.

Our Cloud Services

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Cloud Design & Implementation

Bringing their specialized design process and careful due diligence, the team at Advanticom will develop a cloud infrastructure that enhances your current IT and leverages the benefits of the platform. Our experts will also deliver a seamless implementation plan with limited interruptions for your organization to get this project completed on time and budget. While there are many iterations possible for a cloud solution, Advanticom brings their experience and expertise to the table ensuring your business needs are met, your environment is stable and secure, and the scalability of your infrastructure is immediate. Leveraging the various deployment and computing options, we can effectively construct an adaptable and advanced solution that will evolve with your business.

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Private Cloud

Having complete control over the infrastructure with all software and hardware systems solely for the owner of this private network. This deployment is available for colocation or as an on-premise solution.

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Public Cloud

All resources (including hardware and software) are owned and operated by a third party such as Azure, AWS, or Office 365 and delivered through the Internet.

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Hybrid Cloud

The combination of private and public clouds that gives the business control over any critical operations but still seeing the benefits of flexibility and improved efficiency that comes with a public cloud.

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Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Infrastructure components such as servers, storage, and networking hardware are hosted by Advanticom. Leveraging the internet, this virtual infrastructure provides the same functionality as an on-premise solution but improves automation and orchestration for key components.

Icon 365 Managed Iaas

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Hardware and software tools are hosted by a third-party (is it okay to say Advanticom) over the Internet. PaaS generally includes operating systems, servers, databases and network equipment.

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Software as a Service (SaaS)

Providing access to software applications over the Internet, SaaS is a combination of IaaS and Paas. This model is based on all of the software being delivered and priced based on usage.

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Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is anticipating and preparing for the worst-case IT scenario. It is a proactive plan that incorporates policies, procedures, and tools to ensure your infrastructure is resistant to catastrophic failures. You need a comprehensive plan that provides the necessary steps to ensure the continual operation of the business and the minimizing of profit loss during a breach, natural disaster, massive power failure, or other emergency. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Implement this proactive approach with Advanticom today.

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Microsoft Office Services

As a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner, Advanticom helps clients understand Microsoft software capabilities and to maximize the value of their Microsoft investments. Advanticom’s team has earned this highest level of partner distinction for extensive knowledge and years of experience helping clients to achieve their business goals. We are experts at building and leveraging cloud and on-premises platforms like Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Power BI, Azure, .NET and SharePoint. We focus on providing our clients with business solutions that help team members work together efficiently through the use of modern document management, workflow, intranet & extranet, analytics & dashboards, sales collaboration, project management, and communication technologies.

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