Managed Services

A Proven & Trusted Managed Services Partner

There are many reasons to off-load your current technology needs to a proven and trusted managed services partner.  You might need the newest technology to make sure you stay competitive and up to date in a fast-paced market. You might need to focus on the initiatives that grow your business and your current technology needs are being left to the back burner. Possibly you’ve tried to expend the capital and time to hire an in-house IT expert to only have that individual be a “master-of-none” leaving you IT needs hardly met.

Instead of focusing on areas that don’t drive your business to success, consider Advanticom and our Managed Services team. Our 24/7 US based ISO 27001 and ITIL certified industry experts can deliver a full-range of IT solutions with one point of contact. In addition, our Lean IT focus can help streamline both your costs and processes to ensure that every dollar you spend on IT is exponentially returned in business efficiency. We provide a seamless and hassle-free transition to our fully automated and worry-free managed services model that ensures a steady and consistent flow of digital information that is the life blood of your business.

Our Capabilities Include:

Remote Management & Monitoring of Critical Systems

Robust, Client Accessible & Detailed Ticketing System

Lean IT Evaluation & Implementation

Administration of Cloud-Based Data Systems

Antivirus & Threat Protection Monitoring & Management

Backup Continuity Tests & Management

Lean ITIL Based Incident, Change, Problem & Request Fulfillment Process

Structured Change Management

Detailed SLA & Escalation Procedures

Expansive Knowledge Base (KB) for Runbook Operations

Future Planning & IT Development

Patch Management