Your Challenge

Business is moving faster than ever and IT is getting more demands at a faster pace.

Many IT organizations have traditional structures and approaches that have served them well in the past. However, these frameworks and approaches alone are insufficient for today’s challenges and rapidly changing environment.

The inability to adaptively design and deliver services as requirements change has led to diminishing service quality and an increase in shadow IT.

Critical Insights

Lean is a mindset that encourages smarter approaches to work. It utilizes process and department maturity to reduce waste and improve project and service efficiency.

Lean Service Management is proven to reduce expense and chaos in IT departments and we have the studies to show it.

Lean Service Management practices must be flexible and adaptable to work in all IT shops and departments.

Impact & Result

Lean departments operate more efficiently than legacy IT operations.

Lean service desks operate 30-40% more efficiently.

Lean Systems and Networking Infrastructure Teams operate 50-80% more efficiently.

Project Management as a Service delivers CPI and SPI to plan or better.

Business and end user satisfaction increases substantially as Operational Maturity improves.