Cyber security has been a hot topic for a few years now – and for good reason! If you are thinking of getting started in cybersecurity, there are jobs out there for you. You can be one of many people to try and combat the issue of any online threats.
Remember when Target’s data was breached in 2013? That’s the one where 40 million customer credit cards were accessed. How about when Sony was breached in 2011? When 23,400 users had their credit card info stolen… Lawsuits against the company amassed a $171 million payout.

This has been going on for a long time and it’s dead serious.

If you are a business owner or hold a data administration role in your company, it would be easy to sit back and say, “This will never happen to me.” But let’s be honest, if you plan on being in business for the next few years (and we hope you do) it will be statistically impossible to avoid some sort of data breach.

What’s on the line?

Your business, yes. But what about your career? Your credibility? On a personal level, do you want to be linked to a data breach incident which blows up in the press? Do you want to be linked to the lawsuits that could come from the liability of lost data? It used to be enough to protect your business with a security camera but not anymore. Now you have to think about cybersecurity too.

Just as hard as you are trying to penetrate every potential customer in your entire market scope, there is some person or malicious group out there trying just as hard to penetrate your network.

Your sales team is thinking, “It’s only a matter of time before we sell our product to everyone.”

Hackers are thinking, “It’s only a matter of time before I crack every network.”

The Threat is Real

There are 34,529 known data security incidents every day in the United States alone. That doesn’t count the unknown. Many companies don’t find out that they have already been breached until 6 months later.

So what could be holding you back?

If you don’t have any cyber security plan in place, then there must be something holding you back. Here are a few reasons you might not be moving on this.

1. You think your company doesn’t have the money to support such a solution.

The costs of putting in a cyber security system are
flexible based on your business model and requirements. There are even different levels of security measures that you can use. Cost shouldn’t be a determining factor in the decision. In today’s volatile cyber community, the cost of cyber security for your business should be thought of like paying property tax on your home. You might not want to do it, but it comes with the territory.

2. You don’t think it will ever happen to you.

Statistically, it will. The question is when will it happen? The hackers aren’t waiting on you to get your plan in place. We hope you aren’t expecting them to hold off their attacks.

3. You don’t know how to put such a cyber security system in place.

If you don’t know how to set up proper protection, you can
get help. Advanticom has been doing this for years. We can help you get it done quickly, and get it done right the first time.

4. You are too busy to work on a cyber security project.

Another great reason to hire somebody else to get it done for you. Again, your business and reputation is on the line. Better to get it sorted than to delay the project for later.

5. You have secret plans to sabotage your company.

This is the only acceptable reason for not having a cyber security plan in place for your business – yet
highly non-recommended.

We hope that this article has been illuminating for you. Cyber security is nothing to put off. It will eventually catch up to you. The good news is that you can get help now – and the barriers to entry are not that intimidating. We hope that you make the decision to put up barriers of entry to your network that are intimidating to hackers.

Vulnerability Assessment

Advanticom has lengthy experience preparing businesses for the worst cyber security attacks. From vulnerability assessments to enterprise security systems, we will help you to keep your data safe. If you are looking for a good partner who can help you set up a system to protect your business against data breaches of all kinds, we can help.

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