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Cloud Computing

Advanticom knows that your decision to move to the cloud is because of a business need and not just about the technology. Click here to find out more about Cloud Computing.

Communications Systems

From unified communications to telephony and Voip systems, Advanticom has you covered. Click here to find out more about Communications Systems

Managed Services

Want to offload all of the day-to-day grunt work of IT management to a trusted partner? Click here to find out more about Managed Services

Enterprise Mobility

We don’t have to tell you the need for mobility in the workforce. It is obvious! Click here to find out more about Enterprise Mobility

Office 365 Microsoft Stack

Advanticom is a Managed Microsoft Partner, we are your best choice when you are considering a significant investment in Microsoft technologies. Click here to find out more about Office 365 Microsoft Stack.

Cyber Security

Advanticom has lengthy experience preparing businesses for the worst cyber security attacks. From vulnerability assessments to enterprise security systems, we will help you to keep your data safe. Click here to find out more about Cyber Security

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Your company’s data is the lifeblood of your organization. Advanticom’s backup and disaster recovery services provide safekeeping for your data. Click here to find out more about Backup & Disaster Recovery


From planning to installation, Advanticom is your partner for IT infrastructure. If you are adding more employees, shifting locations, or opening a new office. We can help you. Click here to find out more about Infrastructure