Last week, Advanticom held an event at Rivers Casino to educate their customers on the benefits of Office 365 and Lync. Judging by the attendance, there is tremendous interest in Advanticom’s Office 365 and Lync solutions.

“I would like to thank everyone that attended our event,” said Brian Conboy, president of Advanticom, “We have received outstanding positive feedback overall and both Microsoft and Dell rated our event one of the highest for a partner.”

Conboy went on to say that he was also considering all of the attendees suggestions for improving the Advanticom event experience for his customers. “We are listening and responding,” he said.

Future events may contain separate sessions for technical decision makers and business decision makers as well as other enhancements so that Advanticom can provide a sufficient amount of information to their customers without unnecessarily taking up time.

Advanticom is extremely invested in connecting with their customers so that they can both tailor custom solutions as well as continue to bring the most up to date technology offerings.

Now, as promised, below is the content from the event. •Office 365 Presentation •Office 365 Datasheet •Lync Mobile Datasheet

If you were not able to attend the event and want more information about Office 365 and Lync, please don’t hesitate to call at: (412)385-5000 or email at sales@advanticom.com for immediate assistance.