How to perform file-level recovery with Dell Rapid Recovery (AppAssure)

Data is a wonderful thing.  Lost data is a terrifying thing.  In the best case scenario, you have lost all the time it took to create the document or data in the first place.  That could be hours or weeks.  In the worst case scenario, you have lost mission critical documents or data that will cost your organization tons of money if not recovered.  Those items are priceless.

Fortunately, Dell Rapid Recovery can do just as the name says: rapidly recover your data.

Combining elements of Dell AppAssure and Dell vRanger products, Dell Rapid Recovery is the newest and most efficient data recovery software.

Dell Rapid Recovery is snapshot, replication-based backup and recovery, and built in data deduplication and compression technology.  This is proper backup and recovery for Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, and Microsoft SharePoint. It also supports backing up Windows VMs hosted in MS Hyper-V and VMWare ESX environments.  New in 2015 is support for Linux environments, both physical and virtual.

The stunning benefits of this solution are the speed and granularity of the recovery process.  You can recover almost anything in less than 5 minutes, and your recovery target can be as big as a full server and as small as a lost email.

Here is an example of how to perform file-level recovery with Dell Rapid Recovery using the integrated AppAssure software:


The price point on this new combined technology from Dell is very attractive for a device that can insure your business data.

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