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18 May 2016

  Isn’t mobility great? It makes it possible for employees to work anywhere, on any device, and be more productive than anyone could have ever imagined. But it’s not always so great for your business when it comes to making that access both secure and easy.   Increasingly, security concerns are putting companies between a […]

06 May 2016

Yesterday Aruba Networks announced a vulnerability regarding the PAPI protocol used in some products.  For more information on how to remain protected, contact Advanticom.  412-385-5000 Details from Aruba below: “Overview: This advisory is a reminder to customers that the PAPI protocol is not a secure protocol. Although this information was previously disclosed, an impending public […]

18 Apr 2016

Apple Ends Support for QuickTime for Windows – New Vulnerabilities Announced The US government and TrendMicro both recommend that all Windows users uninstall QuickTime immediately to prevent compromised systems.  Quicktime now has critical vulnerabilities that Apple will not fix.  Apple has made the decision to end support for Quicktime on Windows. To quote TrendMicro: [O]ur […]

16 Mar 2016

Still thinking about signing up for managed services?  Take 15 minutes and watch this video by Advanticom’s Keith Arnold.  It’s a very thorough overview of the benefits of managed services, how managed services operates, and how it can save you and your team a lot of time and money. More Information Do you want to […]

08 Mar 2016

We recently received an alert from the Dell SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit wherein they informed us that they are investigating a vulnerability in services that rely on Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Services (SSL/TLS) encryption. This blog post contains most of what they had to say about the issue.  We hope that this information will be valuable […]

16 Oct 2015

Different Types Of Cloud Solutions Explained Pure Cloud: This is where all your applications and data are put on the other side of the firewall (in the cloud) and accessed through various devices (laptops, desktops, iPads, phones) via the Internet. Hybrid Cloud: Although “pure” cloud computing has valid applications, for many it’s downright scary. And […]