Standards Articles

24 Apr 2015

By Rob Rech Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard includes the libraries built in for Enterprise and Datacenter. This means that the upgrade can be done online and only requires a restart. The upgrade process is not limited to only Server 2008 R2; it also applies to Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Server 2008. Please note […]

01 Apr 2015

Basic Configuration of SSL VPN with SonicWALL By: Andre Ainsworth No matter the hardware manufacturer, there is a continual growing trend with the use of SSL VPN capabilities over the standalone IPSEC VPN client. The use of SSL VPN connections has the following benefits: Ease of administration – There is no need to manually install […]

24 Jan 2015

Why you shouldn’t skip a wireless site survey. By Mike Zeigler The catch line from a 1980’s Fram commercial sums it all up. Time, money and effort spent up front can save you from spending a lot more time, money and effort after the install. A site survey is basically examining a site for RF […]