Everyone is talking about virtualization! Yet as with any technology, it can be challenging to wade through the gritty details of how your business can benefit from the upgrade.

Let’s talk about the big benefits of VDI, and what that means for your company.

Business Benefits of VDI:

Way less administrative overhead

In a virtualized network, an IT administrator can make updates to virtual desktops from the data center itself.  Applications, security policies, software upgrades.  These types of updates used to require physically updating each machine.  With VDI, these changes can occur at the server and then be reflected to any or all virtual machines.

That also means less “travel time” for the IT admin, who otherwise would be running around the office making changes to physical systems.

Since the virtual machine instances are living in a central environment, that also makes backup a centralized task which is simplified and trustworthy.

Increased productivity

Employees enjoy increased productivity since they can access their data from anywhere.  That makes work-from-home security easier.  It also improves every day timesinks, like waiting for file transfers to finish so that you can move to a new computer.

IT admins see increased productivity when configuring machines.  Before VDI, IT admins would sit for hours spinning up PCs for new hires.  One of the benefits of VDI is that virtual desktops can be cloned from the server and virtual instances will be duplicated in a flash.

Cost savings

The diminished IT support costs should be clear by this point.  Some of the other cost benefits of VDI include licensing and capital savings.  Your ability to replicate virtual desktop instances on the server means that you can consolidate storage on the server.  If you are using thin clients, your hardware costs dive even lower.  Not to mention utility costs.  Thin clients can run on 1/5 the amount of electricity used in traditional PCs.  Imagine cutting your company’s electricity bill in half!

Better security

VDI data only touches the central server, so you can set policies for how individual users interact with that data.  This means you no longer have to worry about employees accidentally introducing a virus into the system, because everything is centrally managed and remotely accessed.  You can keep your data in the right hands with VDI.

The benefits of VDI give companies a competitive edge

The IT team is happy.  The BYOD group is happy.  The CXO executives are happy.  The finance team is happy.


To experience how VDI works, watch this archived webinar on the benefits of VDI with VMware Horizon:


Watch Benefits of VDI Webinar