Cloud computing has changed a lot for small and big businesses, there are many different cloud services ranging from virtual data room services to Google Drive. Statisticians say by 2020 there will be a thirty percent rise in the number of businesses on the cloud. Expect a vast bouquet of cloud services in the coming years, with greater refinement and sophistication.

Here are five cloud trends to look forward to.

1. Cloud Migrations

Companies that aren’t on the cloud yet are only waiting for the right moment. Meanwhile, cloud vendors continue to update the services that they offer. A whole lot of cloud migrations are expected in the near future.

2. Cloud Security

As more and more companies shift to the cloud, security will continue to be top priority. If some companies are holding back from cloud migrations, it is because of security concerns. As more companies in manufacturing and healthcare industry are moving online, there is a growing need for cutting-edge security. Cloud technology is believed to possess the capability for stronger security.

3. AI and Machine Learning

AI and machine learning are powering many new cloud applications. These are still infant technologies, so expect cloud enterprise solutions of the near future to be shaped by AI. With growing applications of AI, expect to see technology that offer intelligent recommendations and suggestions based on analytics.

4. Cloud Containers

Cloud containers are a hot topic in IT these days, especially in production. They provide streamlined, secure and easy-to-deploy ways of implementing certain infrastructure requirements. They help to create an isolation boundary at the application level. They help software run more efficiently and reliably when moved from one computing platform to another. They provide great portability. Clearly, flexibility and low costs are going to drive up the use of containers in the near future, not only for a company’s everyday operations but also for offering efficient, scalable and secure services.

5. Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud adoption grew 3 times in 2016. The hybrid cloud is attractive to big businesses that have already chalked up heavy expenses for on-premise IT infrastructure. As big enterprises shift only a part of their operations online, the hybrid cloud will continue to be in demand. Hybrid clouds will help big businesses enjoy scalability without the risk of having their critical data exposed to third parties.

McAfee’s latest report “Building Trust in a Cloudy Sky” predicts that during, 2018 80 percent of all IT budgets will be committed to cloud solutions. The same report says 49% of businesses are delaying cloud deployment because of a gap in cybersecurity skills.

To sum up, cloud migrations are no longer a convenience but are seen as a necessity today. Greater security, scalability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness of the cloud has made it popular in the retail, healthcare, aviation, automobile and other industries. Cloud adoption is all set to grow in the coming year.


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